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It had to happen…

Income Properties

Put a dream team together of experts in their respective fields, and thought leadership on the aggregate just “happens”.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, for one thing, never ask a reasonable person to make a change that has real impact on anything. None of the great people we think of for making important changes in how we live, work, or play were what we would call “reasonable” people.

Reasonable people are the product of their environment, that is, they bend and shape to a pre-existing set of environmental factors, they pioneer nothing.

New environments are the product of “unreasonable” people. They create situations that cause a shift in the environment, and that is when cool things happen.

Let’s look at the investment world…

There was a time when you could invest in stocks or mutual funds or the like and expect them to appreciate in value over time, and in the past, some of them even spun off regular income as well, albeit at very low yields for the most part.

But the economic and financial environment in which that was going on was not sustainable, and, in fact, we no longer see even remotely the returns we once saw in that space.

Same goes for income properties. There was a heyday when owning a pile of income properties was a great wealth builder, as land was only going up, up, up in value.

Not so much the case now. Been to Detroit lately? Florida?

The real estate environment changed dramatically, and we can no longer expect to get the same returns we once saw.

So what to do? Our IRA’s and 401k’s are tied to the “historic” investment world – that same world where the environment has long since turned out of our favour.

Well, at Cloud, we are not reasonable people. We are thought leaders, so we felt it was time to create a NEW environment, one where we can help our clients benefit from the massive shift in business to the online world.

The difference is, what we are doing is SO revolutionary, we pretty much had to build the entire plan from scratch. There were no ideal centres of excellence for us to emulate.

And that, my friends, is EXACTLY what we have not only DONE but PROVEN.

We shifted the environment for investors, 401K and IRA holders, and income property owners alike. We shifted the environment in a way that produced a way for us to provide cash flow and unprecedented levels from a product that also had the ability to appreciate dramatically in value.

We would love to share with you what we have done to create this exciting environmental and economic shift. We’d love to share with you the kinds of results our clients are seeing month over month.

But… you MUST be prepared to make room in your mind for something that is NOT ordinary, or from past thinking.

You MUST make room for thought leadership, and then you, too, can reap the rewards.




Vice President of Marketing & Acquisitions at Cloud Income Properties. Terrible golfer ;)

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