Hey! Did you know that there’s a brand new Asset Class of Real Estate that’s going to revolutionize the investment world?

It’s referred to as Virtual Real Estate … and it’s got the potential to create wealth faster today than any other form of real estate investment.

So What is Virtual Real Estate?

You know about the Internet?
You know about the growth of E-Commerce?
You know about the Global Explosion of Cash Flowing Web Properties?

Well … today’s web masters can hold the key to your financial freedom.

You see … during my days as Chief Operating Officer at Peak Potentials Training … one of the world’s largest business and success training companies … I got to meet and learn from some of the world’s top Internet Marketers and web masters. What I realized from observing them has been life transforming.

These business geniuses were able to create cash flowing web properties that spun off tons of cash flow every month and raise income consistently. Not just for a few months … but for years … as long as … if not longer than most “brick and mortar” businesses! They offered some type of real service or product that gave them RECURRING income and systemized the business so that it could be run by a few team members.

Instead of investing huge dollars to own rental real estate … today anyone can invest just a portion of those costs to purchase already successful cash flowing Web Properties that are professionally managed by some of the top Web Masters and Online Marketers on the planet.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why Virtual Real Estate TRUMPS traditional Real Estate …

  • While it’s not reasonable to double revenues from a real estate rental in less than a year … it’s totally possible to do it with the right web properties. In fact, sometimes we’re able to DOUBLE income in just 90 days!
  • While it’s not reasonable to double the value of a real estate investment less than a year … it is with the right web properties. Since the value of the Web Property is directly tied to its cash flow … as the cash flow grows … so does the value of the Property.
  • While it’s not possible to repair and complete a “facelift” of a rental property in less than a day and for just a few dollars … it is with the right web properties. In the hands of the professionals … within hours or even minutes … changes to wording … colors … buttons … positioning … call to action can transform a normal Web Property into a cash cow.
  • While it’s not possible to avoid large expenses for taxes and insurance and vacancies and repairs with rental properties … the overhead on Web Properties is minimal. Great thing about this realm is that the costs are minimal and the profit margins are large.
  • While it’s unavoidable to deal with late payments and tenant issues with rental properties … no such issues occur with Web Properties. Web Properties are open 24 hours a day … 7 days a week … 365 days a year … anywhere and all around the world.

With the proper management …. using multiple sources for TRAFFIC generation and multiple REVENUE SOURCES for every Web Property … these properties have the potential for years of profits and growth. This is real cash flow … just like rent … every month … coming in month after month.

For the cost of one rental property today anyone can own a PORTFOLIO of cash flowing Web Properties … each one providing a generous monthly income.

Imagine owning several of these Web Properties … providing you with enough passive income to create your freedom. And every Web Property is professionally managed on a daily basis by top Web Masters and their team.

Even more exciting is the prospect of using retirement money … old 401K funds and IRA’s … to create a fantastic cash flow from creating a Self Directed IRA. Compared to what most retirement funds are generating in cash flow … this is the ultimate solution.

The time is now! Those who are the “Early Adopters” see the income potential of owning professionally managed Web Properties and are going to reap tremendous rewards.

At “Cloud Income Properties” we’ve assembled an All Star team to bring this New Asset Class to the marketplace. It’s been a journey of over 2 years and we’re at launch!

If you’d like to know more about Cloud Income Properties … about owning your own Web properties … or joining our growing sales force … go to www.cloudincomeproperties.com or contact me directly at Jeff@Cloudincomeproperties.com

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