Mobile Marketing: Mobile Sales Up 20% in 2014

mobile-marketingIf you are searching for a way to turn a profit on the World Wide Web, you should start looking in to mobile marketing. One of the easiest and most productive methods to creating a mobile-friendly website is to engage in the art of website flipping. This activity allows you to obtain websites for a fraction on the dollar. Once you have acquired the website, you may then make renovations that will increase its overall value. By evaluating other websites with a website value calculator, you will quickly discover that websites that are designed to accommodate mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Kindles, and other products that are similar in nature are worth significantly more than websites that are not considered to be mobile-friendly. In this guide, you will learn the benefits associated with learning how to create a mobile website and how you can experience the traffic and sales that major retailers, such as Amazon and Wal-Mart, are now experiencing.

Mobile-Based Purchases Account for a Larger Percentage of Traffic and Sales than Computer-Based Internet Devices

Mobile Marketing Pays off as Mobile Sales are on the Rise
According to statistics, mobile sales are on the rise. In fact, in the year of 2014, alone, the sales originating from mobile devices increases an amazing 20%! Large numbers of customers are continuously adapting to and adopting mobile-based products. As a result of this fact, website owners and retailers may no longer consider mobile access to be a type of subset to various other features and products. People are no longer setting down their phone or their tablet to use their desktop computer to view websites. Instead, they use these mobile devices and at a high rate. According to Internet Retailer Magazine, approximately 21% of all sales that are finalized at stem from consumers that are using either a smartphone or a tablet. During the holiday season alone, Amazon states that well over half of all of the searches conducted on the website happened through a mobile device. Now that there is an increase in mobile sales, website owners, flippers, and renovators must place a focus on learning how to create a mobile website that will optimize their worth on a website value calculator.

Create a Mobile Website TODAY and Cash in Tomorrow!
If you are ready to enjoy many lucrative tomorrows, you must look into mobile marketing. This is relatively simple to do. First, find a website that is currently struggling or for sale at the right price. Once you have acquired the website, you then start renovating it in such a way that individuals on mobile devices may access it. Amazon, for example, changed its mobile marketing strategy in 2014. It expanded the activities that consumers may engage in, do, and find across the site, which is mobile-optimized. The site is completely ready for mobile shopping and offers many mobile apps. By using the same technique and making your website mobile-friendly, you are sure to discover that it brings in a higher level of traffic, ranks higher in search engines, and renders you a higher level of success. Create a mobile website today and watch how much it is worth on a website value calculator!

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