Answers to commonly asked questions

What kind of checking do you do on the businesses you provide?

We are proud to say that our proprietary Due Diligence process is the envy of the industry! Not only do we verify historical profitability and customer activity, we dig deep into the nooks and crannies of the business, including the business history of every discoverable business ever held online by past owners, anomalies recorded by Google and other authorities, exceptions by monetization companies (we currently work with about 80 financial and affiliate partners), spam records from around the globe, and can even dig up falsified web traffic. We hold recorded interviews with past owners, and take every imaginable step (over 100 steps, actually) to ensure the property is not only as represented currently, but also has real growth potential for the future.

What kind of cash-flow should I expect from my virtual online business?

As a rule, we target VOB’s that generate gross annual returns of 18 to 25% or more, although actual results may vary. Returns net of management costs (in the 100% done-for-you case) are less, as management is generally about 20% of gross revenues.


What kind of virtual online businesses do you provide?

We have a tested system for identifying ideal candidates in “niche” markets that consistently do well in good economies and bad. In other words, we identify VOB’s in recession-proof areas. They have been established for some time, have a proven record of sales and profits that can be verified, and meet or exceed our industry-revered due diligence requirements.

What if I cannot, or elect not to manage the site myself

No problem.  We can connect you to one of our recommended management providers.   They manage a VOB in the same way a conventional real estate property management company might look after a residential duplex, in exchange for a small portion of the revenue the VOB produces. Fo more information click here.

How do these business make money

Great question!  There are a number of ways that they may make money.  First, it makes money through advertising revenue.  When a visitor clicks on an ad on your VOB, you automatically make money.

Second, your VOB may sell a tangible or downloadable product.  When someone buys that product (usually a digital product so delivery is immediate and hands off), you automatically make money.  Third, it may use affiliate networks to sell other people’s products.  When a visitor at your VOB clicks and purchases a third-party product, you automatically make money.  These are the top three ways your VOB will be monetized.

What about increasing the cash-flow of my virtual online business – is that possible?

You bet! There are always new ways to bring more traffic to your VOB, which can in turn result in more sales and cash flow.  There are many “optimization” tools out there for you.  Our expert team can provide direction on optimization and augmentation strategies to you or your choice of management companies.

How much capital do I need to get started?

We have online cash-flowing properties available in price ranges from $40,000 up to seven and eight figures.

How can I work with your team to help others take advantage of VOB ownership?

Simply contact us. We will be happy to show you our revolutionary Associate Program, and share with you all of the benefits of getting involved!

How many VOB’s can I own?

We have only a limited supply of quality web sites at any one time, so we encourage you to become a “preferred customer” with us. It’s the only way you can be sure you’ll have access to the sites we have at any time. Contact us to find out about becoming a “preferred customer.” Once we have a sufficient client base, we’ll stop adding new buyers to our list.

Can I use qualified retirement funds to purchase my VOB?

Great question. Yes, this is possible, and we are happy to discuss how you may be able to do that using a SELF DIRECTED IRA penalty free.

I have my own people to maintain and grow my VOB. Do I have to work with you after I buy it?

It depends.  Due to the complexity of transferring a VOB, it can take two to six weeks to get everything set up and running correctly.

When can I expect to begin receiving money from my new business?

It depends.  Due to the complexity of transferring a VOB, it can take two to six weeks to get everything set up and running correctly.

It's Easy to Own a Fully-Managed Cash-Flowing Online Business

  • Step 1

    Our expert Acquisitions team locates and vets promising, historically profitable Virtual Online Businesses (VOB’s)

  • Step 2

    Our expert Augmentation team analyses the business for areas of opportunity in traffic development and monetization, and prepares a custom report for the management team

  • Step 3

    Buyer provides down payment to secure the purchase, and we execute transfer of all assets to the new owner

  • Step 4

    When the transfer is complete, and the final payment has been made, the buyer(s) receive a Certificate of Ownership from Cloud Income Properties

  • Step 5

    The new owner enjoys the VOB as-is, or chooses to have it managed for a nominal fee to maintain (or even increase) the cash flow.

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