How would a typical Virtual Online Business purchase go?

  • Determine your budget
  • Is the cash for the purchase liquid? (if not, how to get it liquid?)
  • Need LLC? An LLC can provide huge benefits for tax sheltering, creditor protection, control os the asset
  • If business is already in inventory – sell website on-hand, complete the Revenue Generating Website Purchase Agreement + submit 100% payment
  • If not in Inventory – complete the Revenue Generating Website Purchase Agreement + submit 50% down payment
  • Acquisition team finds and vets suitable properties to present
  • Presentation delivered to you and your Account Executive to review together
  • Accepts or rejects the web business.
    • If accepted, we proceed to closing
    • If not accepted, we locate and present other business until we isolate one most suitable for you

If in Inventory – deal closes within 24 hours, domain registration is changed. If not in inventory, the following steps happen prior to submitting the 2nd 50% payment:

  1. Transfer site (in 4 stages)
    • Transfer domain name
    • Transfer all databases
    • Transfer content
    • Transfer revenue account
  2. Sign closing papers
  3. Submit remaining 50% payment
  4. Receive Certificate of Ownership and Welcome Packet
  • I love owning my own established (VOB) that brings me income every month. My hope is to own a bunch of these (VOB’s) over the next few years because the Internet is here to stay and is the best way I know of to earn money while I’m sleeping. Way to go, Cloud Income Properties, for creating this amazing opportunity.

    Alan M, Toronto, Canada
    Alan M, Toronto, Canada
  • I’m thrilled. I knew that having (VOB's) was an option for some people, but I never thought I could have one of my own. Now I do, thanks to the Cloud Income Properties team, and I’m already starting to receive my share of cash flow! Anyone who wants to buy stocks, bonds, real estate or gold needs to take a long look at the Cloud opportunity first. They’re fantastic. 

    Nancy G, Gilbert, AZ
    Nancy G, Gilbert, AZ
  • We’re always up for any new ideas that can help us achieve our goals of a comfortable retirement. What the partners at Cloud Income Properties have done is amazing and a blessing. We do love real estate, but also owning (VOB’s) gives us diversification and besides, it’s really cool too. 

    Cindi & Roy B, Sun City, AZ
    Cindi & Roy B, Sun City, AZ
  • As soon as I heard about Cloud Income Properties I immediately did my homework and realized that this was going to be life changing. They take all the guesswork out of what to buy, what’s earning cash flow, and which (VOB’s) have the greatest potential for long term success. No doubt about it, Cloud Income Properties is onto something big, and I intend to take advantage of this amazing team of experts. So far I own one, many more to come.

    Dominic H, Phoenix, Arizona
    Dominic H, Phoenix, Arizona
  • My lengthy search for alternative (cash flow) opportunities to put my money to work came to an end when I found [Cloud Income Properties]. Working with the Dream Team of partners, I'm now well on my way to financial freedom. I purchased two remarkable cash flowing (VOB’s) which are performing phenomenally. I plan on taking advantage of this golden opportunity by purchasing more soon. 

    AJ Fowler, Arizona
    AJ Fowler, Arizona

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